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Halloween Writing Contest

It’s that time of year again - the days are a little shorter, the nights a little longer and Halloween is just around the corner! 👻In honor of the scariest time of year, we’re on the lookout for the best books in spooky, scary and terrifying genres! 😱🎃

You can WIN the following prizes:
  • A total of $1750 in cash prizes💰
  • An exclusive Inkitt promotional package to grow your readership ✅
  • Professional self marketing advice to help you advance in your career 🚀
  • A Writersblog Author Spotlight💡
  • One-on-one writing coaching worth $500 📝
Not only that, but contest winners will see their work featured on “The Best of Inkitt Contests”reading list in front of our 3 million active readers to see! Not bad, right? 😉

How it Works

  • Create an Inkitt account
  • Upload your book
  • Enter the contest by clicking Submit Your Novel
  • We analyze the reader engagement on your book to determine a winner
  • Winners will be chosen and announced on this page up to 3 months after the contest closes.

  • All scary, thrilling or horrific genres will be accepted to this contest. That includes mystery, horror, thriller, suspense or anything else with a terrifying theme.

    The deadline to enter is October 31st, 2020

    Your book must be an original work, written in English and a minimum of 10,000 words to be considered for a winning place. Both ongoing and completed works will be accepted.

    Winners are determined by overall reader engagement as judged by Inkitt and not based on ‘likes’ alone.

What you win

You can WIN up to $1750 in cash prizes, a promo-package to grow your readership, self-marketing advice and professional one-on-one writing coaching worth $500!

1st place: $1000 cash prize, a winner’s badge for your book, an Inkitt social media feature, one on one writing coaching worth $500, a feature on The Best of Inkitt Contests reading list, an exclusive Inkitt Writersblog Author Spotlight and self-marketing advice by Inkitt’s in-house team!

2nd place: $500, an exclusive 2nd place book badge and an Inkitt social media feature!

3rd place: $250, and an exclusive 3rd place book badge!

Judged by our algorithm, the author with the most reader engagement will be chosen as the winner at the end of the contest.

So, make sure to get plenty of readers, likes, comments and shares on your book, as this increases your chances of winning!

Contest Terms

  • The contest closes on October 31st, 2020
  • Winners are chosen based on their reader engagement. This is a combination of reads on your book, likes and reviews.
  • Winning authors cannot enter the contest more than once with the same story
  • We collect data on your submission from the day you enter the contest.
  • All scary, spooky, thrilling and suspenseful genres will be accepted.
  • Poetry and fanfiction will not be considered for the winning places
  • You may submit multiple entries
  • The minimum word count per submission is 10,000 words
  • Novels must be in English
  • You must own the rights to the novel
  • Previously or currently self-published books are accepted
  • You retain all rights to your stories while posted on Inkitt
  • Inkitt reserve the right to announce winners within 3 months of the end of each contest
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Prizes for Winners

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