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My daughter raved about this story, so I thought I'd read it to check out what she's interested in. I'm pleasantly surprised. It's well written, clever and witty, with delightful characters and a most original premise. I felt emotionally attached to the main character, Alpha, from the very first chapter, and when I was introduced to Sunday, I felt my heart strings being pulled all over again.

It deals with the real world in a way that fantasy doesn't usually tackle, and I can see why my daughter loved it. It's a far cry from those romance/fantasy tales of vampires and other worldly creatures, because these characters are absolutely believable. They could exist in the house next door to you. I'm only on chapter 12 but already the story is filled with intrigue. A good read, which I'll come back to later when I've got time of from working and doing mumsy things.

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