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Engulfed and enthralled, first story I have wanted to read through in years.

Amazing characters.

Each character is developed and different. With each sentence of dialogue I could immediately tell who was speaking. I love that. Despite a few grammatical errors that caused me to re-read a few sentences to make sure I was getting the right idea, it was an amazing read. I had to split it up into a couple of days due to responsibilities, but woah, if I had been able to I would've read this all in one go. Very easy to read, not a chore to push through. Love the development of the story and the characters, set at just the right speeds at just the right times. The ending was great and worked well with the story, but as a personal preference I would've liked to have seen a different scenario or have a little more information on the new characters revealed in the ending, be wrapped up just a tad more in detail. That may just be me though. All in all I absolutely loved this!!!

For all my life I was a novel a night reader, always my nose in a book where ever I went until having kids. Since then I haven't read one story for myself....... Until this story.
Good job Katie Masters, you brought me back to the land of stories, long overdue.

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