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I have had the pleasure of reading this author's work for some years now. Perhaps it is because of that fact, that I find myself deeply thrilled with this effort she is making to open her stories to broader spectrum of readers. The Lazarus Effect is a sci-fi combined with fantasy and romance, which is skillfully edged through various stages of angst and development, and certainly does not take things for granted. It has creative moments which sometimes may steal your breath away, as well as times, when the hero literally feels so close to our reality, that the reader feels inevitably connected with him. The love/romance line of the story is not clouded, nor is it screwed. It takes twists with no logical succession, yet highly skillful, and very compelling. I strongly recommend sampling this piece with open mind, and for those interested in reading more by the author, I add that her site is open to everyone, and rich with variety of themes.

I will not walk around the bush I enjoy stories including love/ romance between men. However, even those must be written with reason and respect so that I want to truly enjoy them. Untamed Lady can make it so. Her men are not soft, nor spoiled, and they have guts to face trials and find their path on the realm's plane. It is good, not hastened, and certainly not hesitant in showing fantasy to its limit.

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