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Born in St. Louis, raised in Detroit, Lorene believes in African-American family, community, and culture. She resides in the Central Florida area. She completed Creative Writing at the UCF.

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To Dance with Ugly People

I decided to present the Reviews for, 'To Dance with Ugly People,' that I am so grateful for, in an unique way. - I took pieces of them to create this piece. I send a special heartfelt "Thank you." to everyone who has read my book and blessed me in this way. Enjoy!

T is for Truthfulness, there is so much of it in this book.
O is for Observation, the Author shows in this very well written and creative piece.

D is for Drama, you feel in this inspirational and emotional read.
A is for Angst, as what this thrilling romance has.
N is for Novel, so much raw talent was encompassed into it.
C is for Courage, the main character has, to be able to carry on.
E is for Enjoyed, as I did this story.

W is for Written, as if it is a series of captivating letters.
I is for Integrity, this book gives you a sense of.
T is for Talent, that the Author surely has.
H is for Heart, the Author has invested in this book.

U is for Unique, the way the author tackles such a subject.
G is for Ghosts, the brutal shadows of darkness you won't forget –

Awesome Read!
L is for Life, a challenge the reader will definitely feel.
Y is for Yesterday, as to when you should have purchased this book.

P is for Provoking, as where your thoughts will lead as you read.
E is for Extreme, real life horror is more compelling than a bogeyman beneath your bed.
O is for Odds, can dreams can come true, against them?
P is for Plagued, as will be your mind as you understand her strengths and measures.
L is for Love, you will find yourself relating to the perceptions and emotions.
E Everyone, both men and women can read – Excellent!

Lorene Stunson Hill

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