I also have my story up on wattpad with the same name 🤍xx

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It’s great but I’ve been waiting on an update for like a month and I really wold like to know what happens

I’m in tears and I don’t know why I hate Grayson with all my heart I don’t care if he’s possessed or some shit I don’t give a fuck I hate him so much why can’t he just go back to normal he fucken slept whit another women I can’t I hate him I hope Bella gets in a relationship and sleeps with him and I pray that Grayson fells it and the pain she felt I’m so lived but like omg I love Elijah he’s so sweet it’s a potty he has a mate and is gay cause for I second I kinda forgot who he was and hoped Bella and he got together but unfortunately he has a mate

(and I know Bella and Grayson plate going

to get back together)

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