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I can actually see the characters doing the actions that are written, the characters personalities are spot on as well.

The plot is great you show how certain things would affect the timeline and other aspects would stay the same.

The chronological 3rd person unlimited perspective is great this is like a comic book and a movie you get the onamonapias, you see into the character's mind, and you get the vivid picture of how a character looks and how the setting smells.

I would suggest looking over your grammar, It didn't affect my reading because i read right passed it like nothing was wrong, but over it but it could affect how others are reading your story.

On a reader to author standpoint I would love more chapters and If you could start a online social media fan page that would be great, this way we could stay informed on new chapter releases. Again over all the story is very well put together keep up the hard work.

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