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Breathtaking and Immersive!!

Though the story is not complete yet, I felt the need to review what I've read so far in order to support the author and express just how much I love this story. Radiant is amazing, and absolutely deserves to be a published novel. I will break this review into categories, explaining my thoughts on the characters/plot, style/skill of the author, and my final thoughts.

First, the characters and plot. This is a vampire story, but it is so much more than that. Siaboras is a unique world, and our vampire protagonist, Hana, is nothing like your cliche vampire. This book follows three main characters, Hana Tristan and Dorin, from childhood into their adult years. Each character is well developed and fleshed out and seems to be a real person.

I generally don't care to follow child protagonists (Hana starts the story as 6 years old) but the charming and humorous personalities of our trio make it easy and fun to read. I am not even sure who my favorite character is. Hana is sweet, innocent, and funny. Tristan is strong, smart, and regal. Dorin is cunning, caring, and beautifully sarcastic.

The plot is paced nicely and so far broken into two sections, one where the characters are children and one where they are adults. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but there were several emotional twists throughout that nearly brought me to actual tears. Just... wow. I love this story so much.

Okay, as for the author's style and technical skill, Gracie Lutz is clearly and experienced writer who has poured a lot of passion into this story. The attention to detail in her narration is astounding, and there were so few typos that it felt like I was reading an already published book. The only reason I didn't give a full five stars for technical writing was because there were enough typos overall that they did catch my eye, but they were minor and not enough to detract from the amazing story.

This is probably my all time favorite book I've read here on Inkitt, and I'm looking forward to reading the rest (whenever it's posted) and until then, I'll be checking out Gracie's other work.

Thank you so much for sharing this book with the world, Miss Author.


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