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Simple descriptions pair nicely with difficult topics!

Seven chapters in, and I'm already invested enough in the lives of Alex and Leo to know I'm ready to leave a positive review. The author does a great job showing Alex's strength and struggles through subtle descriptions and brief, but realistic, dialogue. Her determination to go back to college after her eye surgery makes Alex an incredibly inspiring character, and I can't help but feel pleased and happy when I read how supportive and accommodating her family is.

Around chapter seven is when some new tension arises between our MCs, and I will say that it's certainly enough to keep me interested in the story. It came right when I was starting to crave some nice drama to pull the story forward (or perhaps apart?). Good timing on the author's part!

Some constructive criticism I have will revolve mostly around redundancy. Oftentimes the dialogue and descriptions are frequently used chapter to chapter with little variation. Although this won't stop me from reading and enjoying Alex's story, I do think it would be worth the author's time to pull apart her descriptions and scenes to really make sure they have a clear purpose as well as continuously add more to the story.

That is my only issue so far. I think once the redundancies are cleared up, the pacing will be impeccable and the chapters emotionally enthralling. I love the simple story telling. It reminds me much of Ruta Sepetys, one of my favorite authors. I read every book by her when I was in high school. If you're a fan of Sepetys' books, you'll love @Clarice95's writing style! She intertwines simple descriptions and character interactions with complex and often difficult topics, featuring strong female leads in trying, emotional times.

I'm definitely glad to have started this book, and I'm excited to see how it ends. ♥

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