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A review from a brother to a brother

I'm an english major. Your Facebook post brought me here. I spent nearly 14 hours reading your works here on Inkitt. They are very addictive. I've heard of you over the years from the whispers of social media, but I never read any of your scribes until now. Young man, you are an incredible writer and a gifted poet. For anyone to say your series is pointless must be deaf, dumb and blind. It takes an intelligent man to sit for hours and craft a series from thought. I Googled Dapharoah69 and I was deeply impressed with your achievements. I hear that you wrote book two to the late New York Times Bestselling Author E Lynn Harris's "Basketball Jones." Wow, wow and wow. Those are huge shoes to fill and I'll be purchasing"Karma is a Basketball Bitch" when it drops next month. You are certainly blessed, sir. I applaud you. Even though your tensing in your Beasts series needs a little tuning, that's minor compared to the intensity of your murderous ink my brother. You are "that good." In fact you are a genius, a Zenith in the making. I agree with your growing fan base. The overall storyline grabbed and kept me up all night. The series of unfolding events in both editions, in my opinion, sets you ahead and apart of/from the pack. Your attention to detail is truly magnificent. I did read that your Beast series are rough drafts that you weren't going to publish. Let me be the first to tell you that maybe you should. Don't let the biased opinion of one man distract or deter you from your purpose. God gave you a tremendous gift. Use it. When they hate or troll your efforts then that's confirmation that you have a winner on your hands. I hate Elton John, so why would I critique his music, leave reviews or buy it? I simply pass. But your crazed reviewer left remarks on all three of your efforts. He's a fan, he just expresses it in a negative way.

You are sitting on the next great series. You are sitting on a gold mine. If this is what you came up with in your rough drafts, then imagine the gems you' ll mold with the right editor. Your Beast series is an editor's dream. The emotion and passion in the first two Beast servings makes me want to pick your brain because I love how your mind works. Personally, many thought Twilight sucked; thousands said Anne Rice was too descriptive; critics bashed JK Rowling and her Harry Potter book was rejected numerous times and William Shakespeare was a straight up plagarist that is overblown and redundant; but they never gave up because of a negative opinion. I would love to meet you and discuss the potential of your series. My brother is an editor with an A list publisher and I've already contacted him about your Beast series.

This, Marlowefan, is a real review.

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