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Magical from start to finish!

It's not just the mages that are magical in this story.

From the characters, to the plot, "Catalyst Moon: Incursion" provides the reader with a potent mixture of the human and the enchanted, with action and romance. Garcia has created a world where magic is allowed to flow through the pages, and our veins, in exciting and new ways, that'll keep you pinned to every word.

Kali's charms are irresistible and Stonewall's courage daunting and their burgeoning romance in a world as filled with danger as it is with wonder simply breathtaking. You'll love the diverse cast of characters introduced, as much as you'll love watching them grow and find their place in a world that is as rapidly changing as the meaning of magic itself, under the broken shadow of the second moon.

A must-read for any fantasy lover.

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