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Your writing is impressive. As a writer though, there is always room for improvement. Before I dive into some tips, here are things that I liked. I thought that the dialogue was beautiful. I enjoyed you didn't use, for example, "she says" when it is clear who the person is talking to. You implemented two dialogue styles.

The first being like the following:
"How are you."

The second dialogue style you used replaced "she said" with actions. This is good because the readers can learn a lot about a character from nonverbal communication. This includes gestures, body language, etc. The second thing I liked is the action with each chapter. The action was beautifully written and made the reader turn to the next page. The third thing I liked is the characters that you created, especially Autumn. Last, but not least, something I loved was the emotional scene. I found it to be beautifully written and touching.

There are tips that I have for you. You can decide to use them or to disregard them. It is your choice to do whatever with the following. However, these aren't meant to harm you but to help you. I apologize in advance if it does bring harm.

The first tip is to show the readers, instead of telling them. The first line tells the reader how the wall is. The second shows the reader how it is.

(1)The wall was rough.
(2)The cut-out, differing chunks scratched against my smooth fingertips.

We have a lot of senses and the best writers play on them.

The second tip I have is to be mindful of characters. It is common for writers to romanticize Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is when the victim falls in love with their kidnapper. In reality, not a lot of people actually do.

The third tip I have is to be mindful of grammar. It is good to have people review the chapters for errors before you post. I usually do that when I can. I didn't see any so far, but it's just a helpful tip.

My last tip is to enjoy your writing. It is essential to love what you do. You are talented! I wish the best for you going forward.

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