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  • Write what you love and get paid for doing it with Inkitt!

    Inkitt’s Reader Royalty Program is the first step for authors to regularly get paid for writing, reach a new audience and get personalized writing advice. We’re proud to say that with our royalty program, we have found a way for authors to make a living by doing what they love.

  • Earning money from our program isn’t the only benefit of signing up - you can get published too! We routinely select the best authors on the platform for publishing deals on our sister app, GALATEA . That means, if your book is already popular on other writing platforms, your chances of getting published are increased when you upload your work to Inkitt.

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  • What do authors on Inkitt’s Reader Royalty Program think?

    I'm a writer on Inkitt for two years now and I'm also a member of the Reader Royalty Program. I must say that I really enjoy writing on this platform and it has been a great journey for me. The staff are amazing and they do their very best to make you happy and in the mood to keep writing. I am encouraged to continue my career as a writer on this program because Inkitt's Author Success Team always come up with supportive incentives.


    The Incentive (from the Reader Royalty Program) brought back my passion to write. I honestly lost interest in writing but with it, I've renewed my passion especially that I see how positively readers responded towards my work.


    I’ve been on Inkitt’s Reader Royalty Program since April 2018 and I tell you, I have never regretted that decision. Since joining, I received not only monetary support in recognition of my book updates on their platform but also lots of writing tips. The Inkitt Team have been so accommodating with me. They are prompt with their replies to my queries and they are so courteous, I feel like I’m family. If you haven’t joined Inkitt’s Reader Royalty Program, you should do so now. Trust me, you’ll be rewarded. ^_^


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  • FAQ

    How much can I earn?

    Authors get paid an average of $30 - $40 monthly, and our top authors on the program earn upwards of $200 - $300 every month!

    We invest $4000 into the Reader Royalties Program Fund each month. This amount gets distributed between a group of selected authors based on their performance. The percentage of the $4000 that you receive will depend on your total number of daily readers at the end of that month.

    Payments cannot be made if royalty earnings are lower than our $10 payment threshold.

    How will I get paid?

    Author royalties are calculated at the end of each month and paid to authors bi-monthly. For example:

    ‣ Royalties earned in January and February are paid in the first week of March.
    ‣ Royalties for March and April are paid in the first week of June, and so on.

    Inkitt predominantly pays authors over Transferwise between the 7th and 10th of each payment month. To send earnings to authors, Inkitt requires an email address you check often, your full legal name and address, including postal code. Authors from countries where Transferwise is not supported, alternate payment methods will be arranged. You will be contacted by our team with further information if this is necessary.
    Once Inkitt transfers your royalties, Transferwise will ask you to claim the payment. You will be emailed a secure link where you enter your bank details. Transferwise will then process the transaction.

    Inkitt has a payment threshold of $10 . If your earnings are under $10 in a given payment cycle, Inkitt will add the sum earned to your next month's earnings and this process will repeat until you reach the $10 threshold.

    Once I upload my story to Inkitt, do I need to take it down or stop updating it on other writing platforms?

    No. You can continue updating your story on other writing platforms.

    Chapter updates on Inkitt should be available at least 7 days earlier than on any other writing platform. Every time a new chapter is available on Inkitt, you should notify your readers on other writing platforms you use.

    You can even use other writing platforms to get more readers to your Inkitt profile so you can reach higher reading numbers and earn more money from the program. Don’t worry, our specialized team of Author Success Managers will advise you on the best ways to do this!

    What kind of stories can I submit to the royalties program?

    Original works in English are currently accepted. Fanfiction works will not be accepted.

    Once you are a program member, you can and should submit any and all of your books! All of your stories will contribute towards your author royalties and Inkitt would be honored to share your writing with our readers.

  • What about Copyright?

    The author retains full copyright of their work and enters no formal legal obligation to Inkitt by joining the royalties program. In short, you are the owner of your work and we want it to stay that way!

    Is there a contract?

    You don’t need to sign a contract. Our Royalty Program is 100% voluntary and you can quit the program at any time.

    We’re proud to say that our program gives authors complete ownership and creative control over their writing. We believe that supporting authors should be the focus of our royalty program and that means that we don’t want you to lose ownership of your work or be forced to do things you don’t like. With Inkitt, the focus is always on you, the author , doing what you love most - writing !

    I can’t regularly update my book because of school/work/college/other commitments, can I still be on the program?

    That’s okay. We encourage all authors to upload at a pace and schedule that works best for them. If you can’t commit to a regular upload schedule right now, that’s fine.

    Even in the case of dreaded writer’s block or a bad case of procrastination, we can help you find time to write your story with bespoke writing prompts, tips and motivational advice! No matter what, Inkitt’s team has got you covered, one chapter at a time. 😉

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