Værslev, Denmark

I'm a young lady from Denmark, who really likes to write original short stories. VERY short stories. When I read, I tend to like fantasy. My favorite writers include Chris Wooding and Scarlett Thomas.

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The title of this story reminded me of this Danish song/poem, where a man is literally dancing with Death herself, which is why I clicked it. Obviously, it was going to be different from that, as the preview promised me.

I quite enjoyed the sudden jump into action right at the beginning. I find this always works better for short stories, because there is simply no time to build up the setting. However, I would have liked to see some more detailed descriptions. I realize that the bartender is experiencing a pretty hectic situation, which may be the reason for the lack of glasses breaking, men shouting and TV humming in the background of it all - but it really needs atmosphere, that bar fight.

As always, encounters with Death are fascinating, and I admire the fumbling, nervous demeanor of the bartender. Where the bar fight was lacking, I feel like you really got him!

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