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Just a girl who is an aspiring author and has always had a burning passion for books and writing.❤️ I create novels that I hope are just a wonderful escape for bookworms from any part of the world.😉

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I thoroughly enjoyed this story and think it has great potential. I haven't read or seen a lot of books or movies with a similar plot or storyline. So the plot is interesting and unique, seeing as it's kind of futuristic and dystopian sci-fi with a bit of a mythological influence that focuses on a group of misfits who stand up and fight against a hard-ruled government. It kind of reminds me of ‘The Matrix’ mixed with ‘Divergent’ or ‘The Hunger Games’.

I also really liked the poem in the beginning (in the prologue or epigraph). It gives the impression that the story will probably be about traveling, and it might not be the smoothest trip. But it's also just a very beautiful poem.

The blurb, on the other hand, could be a little bit more descriptive and have more information. I don't exactly know what the book is about from only reading the blurb and if I'm going to be completely honest, it wouldn't immediately make me want to add the book to a reading list because it didn't really get the opportunity to captivate me since it was so short and a tad vague. However, the blurb isn't bad at all, but if it just had a bit more description and a bit more information, it would make such a difference and reach much more people.

When it comes to the story itself, I find it to be well-written and a very interesting and intriguing storyline. But there are a few things that need improvement/to be addressed.

The first is that it could definitely use more ‘show don't tell’, especially in the first few chapters (1-4). It is fairly well utilized in the chapters after that (5-7), but it's just something that's good to have in mind while writing since it helps the reader enter the world with much more ease than if it's not used.

The second is that I found the use of the word red instead of blood in the first chapter quite weird and unnecessary. It was just pretty confusing, and in my opinion, it's better to just use the word blood as it leaves less room for confusion or misunderstanding.

The third is that the timestamps should also be every time because I think there were missing timestamps in chapters 2-5, possibly even the first one as well, but I find the third scene break there pretty confusing and in need of a bit more of a transition or a timestamp to make it less confusing.

The fourth, which is kind of tied into the third, is that I also found chapter four a tad confusing and a bit hard to follow since scene break two is I assume once again missing a timestamp. I think that to solve this problem the first and last scene should be combined and then start the chapter on the middle scene from the past with the appropriate timestamp of course.

I will admit that I found the time and name stamps as well as the story itself pretty confusing when I first read it. I had a bit of trouble following or understanding what I was reading, but after rereading it, it was much easier to follow and understand the second time around. I also found the book to be interesting and a good read after I reread and actually understood and followed what I was reading. I will definitely continue reading this book as the author updates it.

I'd recommend this book to fellow sci-fi/fantasy nerds who enjoy a good and interesting futuristic dystopian sci-fi novel with a bit of a mythological influence.

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