I only thought there were two types of love- the to kill for or the die for, but he taught me to live for.

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Till the clock strikes gone

I read this book straight in a shot. It got me so hooked. It felt as though I was part of the characters. I cried when William cried. I was heartbroken every time I saw Eliza broken and hurt, I laughed and smiled to myself when William and Eliza were having their moments I fell in love when William looked at his and thought about his wife with so much love that I think it is inhumane. I did feel a little bad for Eliza’s dad since he didn’t get a second chance redemption for love but maybe he did find peace by getting William back with his wife.

Over all I loved the story and I would love to see more or a sequel from this book it would be really nice to read about William’s father-in-law too!

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