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I’ve only just finished reading this and I have to say I was blown away! I was initially put off by the number of chapters - 118! However many of them are very short, sometimes no more than a long paragraph especially toward the end of the story.
The first three quarters of the story is immensely enjoyable but the last quarter was literally jaw dropping. I relished seeing characters who I had grown to know and love meeting for the first time in such tense situations. What impressed me the most was the control the author had of where the story was going and the prefect inter-cutting from one character to another especially towards the end.
There were some very impressive fight scenes and there are so many interesting secondary characters that I would like to see more of in future novels, none more so than Mollaine the timid healer.
Grammar and spelling was of a high standard though I’m normally used to reading double speech marks for dialogue rather than single but this was only a minor issue.
Overall this was of the best fantasy novels I’ve read in a long time. A must read.

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