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The Aureate Spectacles

What a wonderful, immersive book from Eliott McKay.

It starts with an air of mystery, introducing main character Michaela, the clumsy teenager. From there, it whisks you off your feet and dumps you into a beautifully written world where you can almost smell and hear everything happening. I got so caught up in this world of McKay’s invention; feelings I had were quite like when I read Raymond E. Fiest’s books all those years ago, and we all know how masterful his world is!

Michaela is a beautiful character and won my heart instantly, and my fondness for her only increased as the story continued on.

The other characters are equally well written, and McKay definitely has a knack for letting us witness intimate moments between characters, and to feel it too.

I definitely recommend this book to readers who love fantastical creations and/or romance. I am not one who regularly reads romance, but I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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