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Definitely great.

I love it like the other books. I don't know how to describe the growing attachment over the series. Selfishly, I would ask you to keep it going but as much as I know that there is a fat chance that it might not continue, I still am hopeful. Right now, I'm so emotionally full I don't know how should I thank you. I'm a keen reader. And your story, is hands down the best I have ever read. To be honest, what intrigued me towards it was Jay Taylor. I am called Jay Taylor by my friends. Crazy coincidence. Heck, I wanna be straight to the point and ask you to right another book continuing the series. I know it's too much but I need to know what happens when Jay is going for a decade. What about Aqueela? And what happened with Lars? These questions and eating me. I'm Cannot move on from this. I'm sorry but I really want you to answer at least what happens with Jay and Aqueela. And emotionally speaking, I can't bear another break up in between them. I know the content of the story is based on Friendship and A Life with them because I actually feel exactly the same about it but yet still I wanna read about them in the period of three month. I just hope you get me. And again, Kudos to you for the series. You also said if there was a portion of Rewind you could convert to Jay's POV so I was hoping that you could convert chapter 20, the part where Aqueela tells her story by the bonfire.... Hope to read your stuff again about this soon.... 😘

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