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The Aureate Spectacles

As a reader who wants only to be entertained, I was intrigued by the title 'The Aureate Spectacles'. From there, I went to the reviews and was further intrigued. I decided to give it a go.

If a book doesn't grab me in the first few pages, I discard it. This book grabbed me early on, and kept me enthralled despite my early skepticism about it being a 'romance'. I don't often read romances because I tire quickly of all the graphic sex. What a refreshing find! I was able to get lost in the romance, the fantasy, the unique-ness of her characters, the story plot. I thoroughly enjoy McKay's ability to transport the reader anywhere she wishes. Her descriptive talents are myriad. I found myself captivated by her island and character descriptions. The story plot was different and entertaining. She truly drew me in.

I find myself hoping for a sequel. The possibilities are clearly there. What do you think, McKay?

A great read for anyone who reads simply to be entertained.
Entertained, I was!

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