Jeremy J Fry

Vancouver, British Columbia

I am a Canadian who loves the written word and can't resist reading a compelling story with strong characters who struggle. You'll find me outdoors playing in British Columbia's majestic mountains.

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The Last Bite

I enjoyed the author's creativity and youthful energy. His love of writing, his keen sense of comedy, and positive energy was appealing. We haven’t heard the last from Grant. I look forward to future reads. Not uncommon in young writers still honing their craft, the author slips back and forth between verb tenses, from past to present tense, and his use of dialogue tags could use improvement. Inappropriate comma usage, that is, the obvious lack of clauses to separate phrases and clauses is prevalent as well, which is too bad because it detracts from an otherwise great read.
Too often, Inkitt reviews stroke the writer’s ego and give pats on the back, which is fine, if that’s all the author is looking to receive. Pats on the back and ego stroking do not help a writer improve. I hope the author is mature enough to accept this constructive feedback and use it to address the grammatical proficiency in The Last Bite and to produce future pieces that will be even more fun to read.

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