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Honestly, this has become one of my favourite stories. All of the characters are well-thought out with interesting story lines, and I love the writing style. Reading it made me so happy; I think everyone's felt the way about someone that Nina feels about Harrison and I can definitely relate.

This story carries an important message. Watching Nina grow and change to become more confident inside her own skin is a joy, and although at first I do admit I wrote her off as a stereotypical teenaged girl character who thinks she's ugly but is actually super pretty, I have to say the way her character developed was inspiring. Whenever I feel like I'm not pretty enough, this is the story I'm going to turn to.

There's only one criticism I have, and that's that the plot is slightly cliche. But having said that I enjoyed the story regardless and I would still recommend it. Seeing Nina finally believe that she is pretty whatever anyone says struck a chord inside me.

The whole story has a magical feel to it - not because it's a perfect fairytale but because it makes you feel like anything is possible. It's just magical.

So, wow. Because when I started reading this story, drawn to it by the eye-catching title, I never expected to have my life changed. But the message of this story is one every girl needs to hear, that they're pretty inside - they just need to believe it.

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