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I'm a fan!

(Trying my best to avoid spoilers!) Even though my cup of tea is more fantasy and sci-fi thriller, this is a story that I can get into. I really enjoyed the balance of inner and outer conflict that's been present, and the more casual narration style helped bring out Alex's character. I feel close to him, getting to see his earlier years through the flashbacks and then better understanding how much has and hasn't changed in the present. I never felt lost throughout this story. It felt like the right amount of information and the development on Alex's thoughts made him feel very three dimensional. I found myself easily relating to his mindset and understanding where he's coming from. "The Anatomy of Alex Tredinnick" couldn't be more fitting of a title (rolls off the tongue too!).

There were some minor errors scattered in each chapter, but nothing major enough to distract from the story. While not perfect, it's otherwise technically solid and very good for a first draft. With some polishing it would be at a five star no problem.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this story. It's easy to get into and once you're hooked, you're hooked.

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