Jo Ixion-Magia

The Alps, Germany

Born in Germany, moved to America, lived in Africa. Always writing or doing some kind of art. Always belived in magic.

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surprisingly different

You have me hooked.
I love deaging story's of any kind. Normally, I prefer Severus and Harry, but you started out so nicely, now I don't mind Lily. :)
What a great idea for this new shuffle! I could see Lily in Ravenclaw too, and James in Gryffindor. I didn't know James was so smart ;)
I like your Severus and Lily Character. Lily seems a little smarter then in the original story. Also, Narcissas secret is well placed. I'm looking forward to read more.

Please continue the story! I love how you write about all Marauders. What about the Weasleys, though? or Frank Longbottom, and Alice? I like this story a lot :) Thank you for writing and sharing.

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