Junior Script Writer - German Language

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We've invented an immersive reading app, Galatea, that is released episodically and includes various immersive elements including chat fiction, prose, VFX, SFX, vibrations, VR, AR, community involvement and more!

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We’re seeking dedicated Full-Time Script Writers to contribute to a fast-paced team of writers who are adapting our most successful stories from English to German. We are not looking for a word-for-word translation, but an adaptation that mimics tone and evokes the same emotions as the original version. This hybrid writer will combine their skills of scriptwriting and immersive storytelling.

The ideal applicant will be a TV fanatic with experience adapting work from English to German and writing in a serial format.


The Role:

Are you ready to shake up the publishing industry and revolutionize the way books are read and sold? If so, send your application with an updated Resume, and Cover Letter to hiring@inkitt.com. hiring@inkitt.com.

Junior Script Writer - German Language
Hybrid writer to combine their skill of scriptwriting & immersive storytelling
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