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We are the book publishing house of tomorrow. By directly linking writers and readers we are revolutionizing the sale and consumption of books. In doing so we are challenging the publishing industry and changing the way best-sellers are found and shared.

Our team consists of around 50 extremely talented and highly dedicated entrepreneurs from all around the world, who all push their comfort zones and take on new responsibilities to get Inkitt to the next level. We consider ourselves more of a small family business than a stereotypical startup because we depend on each other and are going through the good and the hard times together.

The Inkitt Family
Ali Albazaz
⚡ Denis Stepanov
Head of Engineering
Erik Sebastian Bovee
VP Business Development
Sven Fund
Tomek Orczykowski
Head of Data Science
Nicholas Delkeskamp
Head of Product
Lauren Burns
Co-Founder Galatea
Emma Tonner
Head of Distribution
Nikolaj Samorodov
Laura Valeske
Venture Development
Chief Happiness Officer
Denis Nasyrtdinov
Frontend Developer
Jeffrey Howe
QA Manager
Benjamin Rieder
Senior Script Writer
Adam Sharp
Lead Script Writer
Samuel Bartlett
Sound Designer
Will Buckingham
Lead Script Writer
Michelle Lochrane
Marketing Manager
Nikita Varentsov
Backend Developer
Brooke Cheney
Junior Script Writer
Reid Tonner
Executive Assistant
Hannah Robinson
Junior Script Writer
Bláthnaid King
Marketing Manager
Maggie Billard
Kevin Brand Suárez
Social Media
Meaghan Bardwell
Junior Sound Designer
Sophia Martin
Script Writer
Nico Altamirano
Junior Script Writer
Tyler Powell
Junior Script Writer
Mikhail Goryachkin
App Developer
Jesse Duplechain
Lead Sound Designer
Pavel Kapustin
Head of Performance Marketing
Dmitry Barkov
App Developer
Ellis Stump
Junior Script Writer
Cecilia Gigliotti
Junior Script Writer
Elana Zeltser
Junior Script Writer
Igor Slotin
Lead Product Engineer
Ashley Schlueter
Junior Script Writer
Todd Lewis
Community Happiness Manager
Chase Thacker
Head of Customer Experience
Fionn McNeill
Junior Sound Desinger
Gillian Bradshaw
Staff Script Writer
Gonzalo Arenas
VP Operations
Kayla Weil
Bronwyn Hemus

About Us

Inkitt is the world’s first reader-powered book publisher, offering an online community for talented authors and book lovers. Write captivating stories, read enchanting novels, and we’ll publish the books you love the most based on crowd wisdom.