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The snow globe

(My review contains spoiler for the ending)

As far as it goes for a joyful season Christmas story, the journey the snow globe takes you on works successfully. The story is simple, engaging because it makes you want to know more about the secret of the sent snow globe playing a rhyme belonging to a widowed woman's memories. The happy twist comes at the end, putting a smile at the reader's face as it did to the heroine's. The writing style is simple, beautiful and I like the little details you added here and there about the heroine current lifestyle, it gives relatedness to the readers. I actually learned some new words myself since English is not my first language but it is still a story anybody with good enough English language can read and feel.

As for the plot, I do believe small coincidences (like meeting a stranger sailor and spending a good time with him) can leave an impact on one's thoughts and fantasy but I applauded the heroine rationale decision to get married (sorry but I am kind of a realistic girl, I can't believe in love from first sight but as I said earlier sometimes short encounters or little coincidences can leave an impact we wake to or hold to it for strength every now and then). The ending was sweet, befitting the spirit of the season, but I imagined a different ending while reading and getting to know the characters, I thought the sailor would have scheduled a delivery for the future to the girl he met and left an impact on him as much as he did to her, but to show at her doorsteps, I could not buy that part no matter how sweet it is but I guess it is the seasons of miracles and they do happen sometimes. So overall, in my own opinion and once again, I am not an experienced writer, this was a sweet befitting story for the season and I would recommended it since it is sweet, hopeful yet not without the real life disappointments and grieve we are all vulnerable to, with a happy hopeful ending to this still lingering for old beautiful memories for support.

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