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I have read the first chapter and find the prose to be rich with language and insights. The story is crafted so beautifully that each sentence is full of the right information and then some. These sentences gave my mind plenty to soak in and I love that.
Claudio is a master storyteller who slowly builds his narrative in anticipation of important events that will eventually take the story into exciting points. That worked well for me and I see that technique as the mark of a fantasy novelist who has found his voice.
And I read part of the second chapter. I found the first part on the Gods to be richly poetic and complex. Then, the following story of Illiom being attacked by the two men and being saved was well detailed with subtle language that demanded my full attention. I do read fast which I do not recommend for anyone who reads Claudio's book. Claudio puts his whole heart and effort into his story to where every action of his characters is scrutinized and not fleeted over. That is again is the mark of a good storyteller.

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