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A Contagious Bite...

Killing werewolves is all well and good, but what happens when you start thinking of the lives behind the monster? What happens when you start saving people from their curse rather than damning them?

These are some of the questions that Aconitum tackles in a story that winds through the somber mind of Hector Rothenburg. A wandering plot follows his actions in a world where werewolves aren’t just real, they’re an existence everyone knows of and fears. Fortunately, entire organizations of hunters have risen to face the challenge. These werewolf specialists are known and respected throughout the world.

And Hector is no different in the respect he's earned as a premier hunter. However, he is different in one crucial detail. His heart is far more open and forgiving than is safe for anyone to risk. And he risks more than most in the dark German woods of an alternate universe.

Aconitum moves with a gradual build of its characters that allows readers to truly know the mind of Hector Rothenburg. That mind is one filled with warmth and compassion too often forgotten in action heroes and tough silent types. Instead, the story brims with humanity, questions of humanity, and ideas on the very nature of good and evil.

And overall? Aconitum delivers a memorable experience of far reaching mystery and philosophical discourse that leaves the reader eager for each page.

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