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If a few people read this book and start talking about it, there is no doubt in my mind that The Fire Ignites will be a huge success. A.D. Walker has put together the perfect combination of kids, villains, and crisis in The Fire Ignites, and he has created a fictional realm where this tale can play out until the kids either win or go down in defeat.

This is going to be a great series for those who love sci-fi. This story has all the makings of a hit. A group of kids struggling with who they are, as most teens do, even under normal circumstances. An inter-dimensional struggle of epic proportions. Throw in some clueless parents and teachers and you have a certified hit.

A.D. Walker’s writing is awesome. He gently pushed me from word to word, sentence by sentence, until each chapter was done. The pace of The Fire Ignites is perfect and the whole experience left me hanging on for more. I want more facts about the other nine dimensions. I want to know how the kids learn to master their new powers. I want to know more about the good aliens and I want to know more about the bad guys. I want to know if the kids will remain loyal and true to each other, and who will emerge as the leader of this little group. Will they ever see Quintal, the alien who gifted them these powers, again? These are some of the questions I want answered. But one thing that I know for sure after reading The Fire Ignites is that A.D. Walker is a writer to watch.

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