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Heartbreak, Healing, and Werewolves!

When I first started reading Aconitum, I was expecting a fun supernatural romp full of quirky characters and flying silver bullets. M certainly delivered that and so much more. The world of Aconitum was painstakingly researched and beautifully executed. Everything from the settings, to the clothing, to the culture was brought to vivid life. I frequently had trouble remembering that Germany didn't have any werewolves or Hunter organizations because they were so well integrated into the frequently gritty reality of life in the 1800s. The characters that populate this world are fully realized and lovingly brought to life. I found myself feeling like a true friend of both Hector and Royer as the story progressed. I shared in their triumphs and heartbreaks through blistering detail. Some of it nearly brought me to tears (I NEVER cry while reading so be honored). Even the characters that make fewer appearances caught my attention and made me wish to see more of them. This story is a wonderfully spun tale of heartbreak, healing, and werewolves. It's one hell of a ride and if I could give it more than five stars, I certainly would.

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