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A perfect fairytale for Science Heads!

Why did I say that this story is a perfect fairytale for science heads?
One word: Biology.
If you're into Biology (especially Latin terms), you'll be reading this story with non-stop giggling. You'll love this a lot.
And why is that?
Well, it wouldn't be fun to spoil everything here, eh? ;)

Alize has such a different way of writing a tale and the plot of this story is, shall I say, "So Alize" :D
As someone who's always been fascinated with the world of princesses and princes, knights and giants, witches and faeries and everything enchanting, I love how this story is not told in a childish way, without losing the magic of it.
If you're an adult and you don't wanna be judged by your peers (not that it matters, anyway) for reading fairytales, well.....this story....... you can get away with.

Happy reading! <3

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