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Unexpected Encounters

I thoroughly enjoyed the book.
It brought much pleasure to me to reminisce about growing up in Philadelphia and spending summers in Ocean City, NJ
The author captured the scenery and beauty of my city.
The story line was fluid w/ strong character development and a developed plot. In some sense a predicable outcome when romance was involved.
However the remarkable part of the book was the relationship b/t a father and son.
I could hear the author’s voice and feel the emotions he experienced w/ Brendan.
The challenges of fear, frustration and guilt he had in his communication and interaction w/ his autistic son. The overwhelming prayer that he could learn to relate and understand Brendan was powerful.
I am very grateful I read this story because I learned from it.
I walked away w/ a profound feeling of gratitude. When I encounter a person who is different than me, I will always pause now and think of this story ...
I hope more people read this because it clearly captures Autism and the “gift” that we can all benefit from as humans
Thank you Mr. Fleming

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