Karina Kantas

I'm a prolific author with 13 publications. I live in Greece but I'm from the UK. This is my first shared story on Inkitt.

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2nd Round

I first read your story on Wattpad, loved it then. Loved it more the second time around.

The plot was exciting and thankfully you keep the sex scenes interesting and not repetitive like some authors.
The characters I had a love-hate relationship with and I'm sure that they were what you were going for.
I loved the wedding. That's exactly what she deserved. But I nearly pissed myself with laughter when his mother said, oh it's a Greek custom. I live in Greece and they do have some weird customs but not quite to that extent.

If you ever have the chance I've just finished my first inkitt story. Broken Chains. I'd love to hear your thoughts. on it.
Thank you for sharing your gift with us all.

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