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Clear writing that draws you in before you've realised

The prologue chapter launches with intrigue, which keeps the stakes interesting during the tamer scene-setting at the beginning of Chapter 1. Soon, character stories and events grip on their own terms. The writing is crisp and doesn't fall into the trap, so common in fantasy novels, of becoming over-dense and flowery. Occasionally it slips the other way into phrasing that verges on cliché, but the writer also has a unique soft humour that injects freshness. This, along with the portrayal of youthful protagonists thrust into life-changing events, helps me connect and remain keen to find out more as the story unfolds.

Often these user-content sites make me grit my teeth at unedited manuscripts awash with spelling and grammar errors, whereas this book appears thoroughly proofed. A great introduction to the fantasy genre!

Looking forward to see what happens next as I continue reading...!

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