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The Whole is Greater than the Sum

"You know the story of Snow White..." begins the description. Of course you do. Likely you also know a great many other stories as well. Are you sure that you know all of those as well? "Shattered" draws from a great many stories but is a retelling of none of them. Elements from many stories can be found here, interwoven as part a a unique whole. Here you will find one, there you will find another, and if you look closely more will appear. Most impressively, not one of these elements is merely a nod, nor a passing reference. Each holds its own place in the story and only serves to enrich. One iconic element in particular slips its way into the story without notice, and disappears almost as suddenly, and yet showcases the dynamics between several separate characters. For so small a device, the fit is perfect. No matter how other stories may feel shattered, those are their own stories. This is its own. Unapologetic and original, just like the characters that it reflects. I could easily nitpick at imperfections, but living things are far more beautiful than a frozen perfection. Like many things, and on many levels, this story as a whole is far greater than the sum of its parts.

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