Just a black Kueen trying to make it in the world. 👸🏿💜 Love to write stories about black love as a hobby Black Love Optimist Book Commenter Black Lives Matter✊🏿

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Let me just say I’ve been a major fan of Kween Lisa Monae aka @Tendachocolate for years after reading all of her stories on Wattpad. I love how her stories speak on several topics of love in the black community whether it relates to cheating, older women dating young men, or just the simple fact black love is even spoken about from a black woman’s perspective. It is truly difficult finding forms of art in film or even books that promote black love and unity with high standards so I was super happy to find one of my beloved and favorite black female writers again. Miss Lisa Monae along with other black writers have inspired me so much that I even began writing my own stories. I truly love and appreciate this Black Kween so much and I hope I will be admired for my writing like her one day. 💜💜💜

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