Burnaby, BC, Canada

Writer of flawed femmes wielding swords, whips, and knives; interested in sci-fi, fantasy withoug magic, and history. @BrantForseng

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An excellent read

In truth I read this story because it wasn't getting a lot of reviews. In fact when I read it a couple of days ago it had received no reviews or ratings. I was curious. Why was this story not getting any reviews?

After I read it I thought -- Why is this story NOT getting any reviews??. It is a great story! Well written, good pacing, and with descriptive phrases that are truly evocative. I am not a horror fan by any stretch of the imagination (though I am somewhat familiar with Lovecraft), but I read this start to finish while waiting at a bus stop. I had to find out -- who was the rat catcher? What was beneath the manner?

I was hooked at the very first sentence: "I am a catcher of rats, and sometimes a catcher of worse things...". That is a great opener.

My only quibble is that sometimes you slip from present tense to past tense and back to present tense, but this is easily fixed.

Well done!

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