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The Fire that Froze Review

Overall, I thought that the author's writing was quite possibly the most compelling part of the manuscript. I liked how the choice of words were never hindered me from enjoying the story, but challenging enough for me to picture what was happening inside of my head.

The story itself had an interesting concept once one dove into it. However, at times, it was a bit difficult to understand where it was going. I kept waiting for an 'AHAH' moment when Getze would realize her overarching goal. I realized that she was meant to carry Merse's baby, and somehow that was important, but it was never stated why this baby would be legendary in history.

At times, it was difficult to see how Getze progressed as a character. For the most part, it seemed that she had no motivation of her own as the protagonist, rather her sole purpose was to serve Merse. I do realize that that mindset is accurate in the context of history -regarding family structures and marriage. However, I wished that there was at least some 'umph' to Getze, or some promise that she would evolve into a character that acted rather than reacted.

I will say that perhaps it is unfair of me to review, because I didn't finish the entire manuscript (I stopped at about chapter 5). Perhaps Getze does evolve into a stronger character and perhaps we do find out why her baby is meant to be so important. However, I do think that I would have felt more inclined to finish the book if those things had been introduced a little bit earlier.

ALSO, I do wish to emphasize that the writing is there. I truly did enjoy the style, the tone, and the pictures the words painted. The concept was engaging and I do believe that the author's future is promising.

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