Lea Sheryn began writing at an early age and has grown throughout the years. Her stories include Plague, Whispering Springs, New Mexico and Lauren's Lighthouse Love.

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The Farmer and The Girl

The Farmer and The Girl is a beautifully written story that puts me in mind of the pastoral novels made famous by Thomas Hardy during the nineteenth century. Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Far From the Madding Crowd both depict farm life and include many pastoral scenes. Jolras, the author of The Farmer and The Girl, has brought to the page an interesting scenario between a ballerina and a local farmer.

The girl, Ava, leaves the city and her ballet classes from a break in the country. While she wanders amongst the unfamiliar lanes, she encounters the farmer. A friendships grows between them and begins to strengthen. As a matter of course, she faces a tough decision: return to the city or remain at the farm. Although her old life calls her, she procrastinates until the situation decides itself.

I believe this story is the first written by Jolras and I certainly hope it is not her last. It is well written and flows evenly throughout. It has great potential and, in time, should receive a further look by the author. The descriptions of the characters, the farm land and the love that grows between the girl and the farmer should receive a little strengthening. The supporting characters--the girl’s family—fade into the background. The author should draw them out further.

I will extend kudos to Jolras. She has done an excellent job with this beautiful pastoral. I like to believe this is not a forgotten genre and would love to see more stories in this form published. A love story set on a farm between a city girl and a country boy calls to mind a down-home atmosphere. I hope Jolras continues to write in this form and, hopefully, will expand upon this wonderfully imaginative story.

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