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Why is this story so perfect?!

Wow! I have only read the first three chapters(it says I have read one, but I think it is because I did not save the page correctly after I turned off my tablet) but I have fallen instantly in love with the story! Your plot line, style, and grammar are outstanding! I wish I could write as well as you can! It's perfect! And I'm not saying it to make you feel good about yourself or to be lazy in writing this review - I mean it.

As [another] younger author, I know it's really hard to write down your ideas on paper. Sometimes, they don't come out as you'd expect. But you've done an excellent job planning out your story and making it organized and easy to read.

I also love how you've given cats a say in your book! They know more than you think. *scratches cat behind ears*

I will post another review once I finish the story. I would definitely open up more media platforms on different websites. YOU NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD!!🥳
Retro Cat <3

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