She / Her | 21 | French

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In love

I'm so so glad I read this story !

I was actually pretty sad when I got to the end of chapter 3, I was so ready to just read everything !
The writing is fluid and smooth, there's not a single moment where I looked up because it was too long, it's the kind of story where you just want to read it in one go, and I can't wait to read the rest.
Overall it's pretty simple (for now at least), but in a good way, the characters are easy to love and the main character is very easy to relate too (I've caught myself thinking "yeah same" a couple times) the relationships are cute as well.
Really, I can't wait to read the rest ! I just want to know more.

I can't really comment on grammar and spelling since I'm french and english isn't my native language, but I definitely recomand this story !

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