Loki B. Mohammad

Little Rock, AR

Loki B. Mohammad is an Iranian-American author of science-fiction, fantasy, and action stories. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University.

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You Don't Even Have to Be a Stargate Fan....

Admittedly, I've never seen a full solid episode of any of the Stargate series, so I am coming at this as though it were an original story and not a fan-fiction; there is an advantage in that, I think.

This piece had me hanging on to the story intensely. Sheppard's plight against the Genii was so tangible that you can see the landscape of the world unfold before you. You can feel the tension, fear, and determination all the way to the end, and even then you may want a tissue handy. You don't even have to be a Stargate fan to enjoy this. Beautiful work. Thanks for sharing it!

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