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Worlds Apart

World Apart was a fantastic read! It was non-stop excitement. I loved the characters, as they each had their own personalities and their own unique flaws and skills that altered their experiences throughout the unwanted war in which they find themselves. The descriptions were vivid, the humor was fresh, and the quality of writing was top notch. As a previous soldier in the US armed forced, I really enjoyed the accurate use of military terminology and the realistic battle descriptions. I'm certain the it took some research to write this! Lastly, and one of my favorite aspects, this book had wild twists that kept me guessing and kept me thoroughly intrigued. The various character plots were perfectly weaved together, and I loved that the reader is able to experience the story from all different viewpoints: from each of the three human planet perspectives, and even from the aliens trying to destroy them. I definitely recommend this book to others, and I've already shared it with several of my friends.

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