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I don’t usually read this genre so I thought I would probably get bored after a couple of pages, but I didn’t. I think it’s because the characters are easy to relate to – we know very quickly that Ryden is a loner who doesn’t belong and Melca is cheerful and timid; both of them reminded me of people I know and that helped me engage with them.

I really like that way the scene is created because from the first two pages I clearly imagine the village and the people and how they live. The first chapter is very different to the prologue and I wanted to know how they were connected. I thought I knew who the man at the beginning was but when I found out after a few chapters I realised I was wrong. This is good because I like books that are not predictable and make you want to know what will happen next.

I also thought it was funny and there were a number of things that made me laugh. It made the dialogue realistic and showed that Rydan and Melca have a strong friendship. It also helped to change the mood because some scenes were sad or tense and then something funny happened which was a nice change.

I don’t think I’m the target audience for this book because there aren’t many female characters and there’s a lot of blood and fighting but I know that’s normal in this type of book and it’s very popular with lots of people. I enjoyed reading it anyway because the scenes and characters are realistic and it’s easy to get lost in the book. Also I always wanted to know what happened next!

I’m not a native English speaker and there were some words I didn’t know but I could still understand everything that was happening so it wasn’t a problem. There are lots of different names of places so it would be really useful to see a map because that would help to see where they are travelling on their journey, and this is normal for a lot of books in this genre.

The ending makes me think there will be a sequel and even I think I know what will happen next, but I may be wrong again! Good luck with the book and I hope you get it published!

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