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I like the fact that the author uses the first person narrative, because it made the story flow easily. The plot grows effortlessly without any surprising jumps. I also like the fact that the writer is very familiar with her subject matter, which makes for an interesting journey into a rather scary subject matter. As much as we all have heard the story of the existence of WareWolves, there is that element of fear if even the inkling of an encounter with comes to mind.

The protagonist is a likable character. As much as she's somehow bullied from time to time, she doesn't seem to consider herself an every day victim. Her outlook on high school angst gave her a likable personality, that got me hooked to the story and to continue reading.

The author really needs to pay attention to the correct spelling of words,especially words such as (were), which are sometimes spelled (where). Besides that, it's a really good story, interesting plot and an overall pleasing effort.

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