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Sweet ♥

While this story was cute and funny, it definitely carried some heavier themes that were addressed well. The style is very engaging, and the characters are likable and very relatable - I'm sure we've all had our insecurities in the past, but Nina's compassion and empathy makes her stand out amongst other shy-and-insecure-girl protagonists.

This could use some proofreading, as there are some awkward phrases and misused words, but overall, the grammar and punctuation are pretty good. I just happen to be a stickler for things like this, so it is particularly jarring to me. The style is engaging but I feel that the language is a bit bland in places.


However, there were logic and plot flaws that meant I wasn't as carried away by this story as I could have been. Realism is key, particularly when you're considering people and how they tick, and not just physical, which could be explained away by making this a sci-fi setting. Nina's injury and aftermath, for one, is not something that would actually occur; she would be escorted to the nurse by someone other than a random guy from the crowd (even if it is her best friend). Richel, while likable overall, was characterized in the beginning as someone UNlikable, and Nina's friendship with her somehow glosses over that interaction completely. And Parker's reaction after the pageant also rang false, primarily because throughout the rest of the story, he's a lot more interested in her than that. The author may have intended to imply that he was hurt and using humor to cover it up, but I didn't get that when I read it. The fact that Harrison didn't seem concerned by the fact that Nina had a date to the formal before asking her to dance was also a little incongruous.

Also, I totally get the crushing-on-your-best-friend thing. Sadly, my story isn't as satisfying as Nina's.

All in all, would read again!

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