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A political thriller for today

When headlines read like a real-life political thriller, we need stories that don't just satisfy our desire for thrills. We want to feel a sense of justice as brave people battle powerful forces of cynicism and corruption. H.R. Kemp's Deadly Secrets delivers.

The story follows Shelley, a functionary in Australia's immigration department, as she struggles to find out how one of her immigrant friends died. She uncovers plenty of deadly secrets, from abuse of migrants, environmentally destructive policies, and political machinations. Along the way, she finds romance with a mysterious stranger and must make a series of life-changing decisions.

We also discover the deadly secrets of those in power, from Prime Minister James Wrogarth and those around him. Shelley's dangerous journey and the secrets of the politicians that run her country converge towards a shocking, thrilling climax.

This book is an intense page-turner, thanks to beautifully crafted and well-rounded characters. The twists and turns of the plot keep us fearing and rooting for characters we have come to care about.

Deadly Secrets touches on a wide range of contemporary issues, including immigration, climate change, the effects of environmental destruction, and global political corruption. Kemp puts them together in a thrilling, twisting thriller with engaging, unforgettable characters. Deadly Secrets is the perfect political thriller for today.

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