Meg Elly Gerena

I write to free my insanity, it is all my theraphy, I hope you enjoy the roller coasters I live in daily it is what I write down that makes the ride worth the read.

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I need to suggest this book more to people who suffer from depression, PTSD, and many more mental health be wise it’s terapéutico people really don’t see how therapeutic, the plot of this book is surrounded by the energy of these mental state that suck them from me, these mental state leave them in the paragraphs written, freeing me from those feelings to fill myself with a positive embrace, which is the most beautiful reason to read this book, when one suffers from these types of hell in their mind yet read this book those feelings are minimized, the feelings the book brings creates comfort for the same energy, it tames them, and it’s freeing on its own. Beautiful book. Highly recommend.

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