Michaela Anne Schultz

Harare, Zimbabwe

Young and still finding my way but I will never stop writing ever. Has been through a lot in life but it doesn't stop me from pursuing my dreams.

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The Woman In Red

Hello, i am sorry that i took so long to read your story, i had given it a heart in the nanowrimo contest after i had read the first chapter and so far, I have thoroughly enjoyed your story. I can already see an incredible plot developing and I am going to continue reading it as i progress further into the story.

The concept is one that fascinates me and nothing intrigues me more than romance. I also would like to thank you for your feedback, i know i haven't updated in a while but i have been very busy and hope to get back into writing Forbidden but i have a big project i am working on which i shall be posting on 18th of January. Thank you for all the advice and i will put the pointers and praise you have given me and shall put it all to good use as I still have a lot to learn but thank you. If there is any other advice you can give me, i am all ears because i would love to get advice from someone with so much intelligence and experience.

Thank you, I love you story and I can't wait to read more.

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